Transforming corporate cultures
and, through them, society.

We enable the alignment among culture, strategy and capabilities, helping organizations
to obtain sustainable results and achieve their true purpose.


We believe that responsible individuals are aware of their choices, authentic in the expression of their ideas and work towards a greater good.

We believe in living, powerful, healthy and inspiring organizations.

We work alongside our customers to promote genuine and lasting transformations in their organization and in the ecosystem where they operate.

Values that guide us


We build relationships of partnership and trust with our customers, without losing sight of our exemption and accountability.

Go beyond 
the obvious

We operate in a systemic, profound and pragmatic way.


We face each initiative as an opportunity to build something new and make a difference, together.

Engage minds 
and hearts

We seek to mobilize the potential for transformation of individuals by strengthening, involving and committing.

Work model

Our Organizational Ecosystem has three building blocks and
provides sustainable success to people and organizations.

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Definition of Purpose and Strategies to align teams and generate a sense of contribution to sustainable success.


Definition of shared culture and construction of an inclusive environment to generate a sense of belonging in everyone who contributes to the success of the business.


Structuring of Capabilities to support the Culture and allow the flawless execution of the Strategy and Purpose.


Cultural Transformation

Strategic Alignment and Development of Goals

Team Buildings

Leadership Development and Corporate Education Programs

Assessment and Succession Plan

Performance Management

Remuneration and Recognition

Executive Coaching


Alfredo Moro Pereira

Consultant with more than 28 years of experience in Strategic Alignment, Organizational Restructuring, Design and Implementation of Management Models, Change Management, Cultural Transformation projects. Alfredo has been an Executive and Life Coach since 2005.

Edvard Ghirelli

Psychologist, consultant with more than 40 years of experience, professor of MBA HR and Leadership at FIA USP; Executive MBA and Strategy and Execution Program at Fundação Dom Cabral and Culture at SAINT PAUL.

Specialist in Cultural Transformation, Building C-Level Teams and Strategic Alignment. He works in Leadership Development, both in learning processes and in organizational and cultural transformation programs. Edvard advises the improvement and guidance of executives through Coaching.

Rolando Pelliccia

Consultant with more than 30 years of experience in organizational learning and personal development as business levers for conscious companies.

Develops and conducts Strategic Clarification, Cultural Identity, Assessment and Executive Coaching processes, as well as People and Team Management, Teamwork Effectiveness and Construction of commercial and managerial agreements.



Pedro Avancine Street, 363, Conjunto 51, W1, Jardim Panorama, São Paulo/SP
+55 (11) 99688-2378

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